Organizing Everything In Your Closet

When we first moved into our house, I admit I was most excited about finally having a master closet. There was so much space! I couldn’t wait to hang up EVERYTHING and oh the shoes I could buy now ❤️ Fast forward 5 years and I’ve learned 2 things. First my closet isn’t nearly asContinue reading “Organizing Everything In Your Closet”

Teach Your Kids Independence With Organization

My daughter is an only child. She is my singular focus, the center of my world, and there is little doubt that she is completely spoiled. Since I’ve spent years study family psychology, I’m fully aware of the dangers to her development that this presents. It’s entirely possible that she could take longer to developContinue reading “Teach Your Kids Independence With Organization”

Old World Vocabulary To Outsmart Your Enemies

We were eating spaghetti the night it first happened. I was around 10 years old and was regaling my parents with the exploits of my playground nemesis. It the brief pause I took to catch my breath (10 year old girls talk fast), my dad commented on what a moon calf she was. My forkContinue reading “Old World Vocabulary To Outsmart Your Enemies”

Refrigerator and Freezer Organization

Not long ago I wrote about how organizing my pantry changed my life. After that, I showed you the in and out of the rest of my kitchen. The only big piece left is the area that we use most and that’s the refrigerator and the freezer. To be completely honest, my refrigerator only recentlyContinue reading “Refrigerator and Freezer Organization”

Fun Activities To Do With Kids At Home

I’m a mom and that means that I’m the ring master of a multitasking circus. What bothers me is that in all the chaos my quality time with daughter is often lacking. It seems that every time I blink she is a year older and I’m wracked with guilt over missed opportunities. You’ve heard meContinue reading “Fun Activities To Do With Kids At Home”

St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

We get really pumped about holidays around my house and I always try and do something fun and creative for my kiddo. This year for St Patrick’s Day, we are reading some awesome stories about Leprechauns, building a Leprechaun trap, and making some Lucky Charm Cookies From Kimmy Manzo. To add to our fun, I’veContinue reading “St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Scavenger Hunt”

Cleaning Schedule

Keep Your House Tidy In Just 10 Minutes A Day Organizing has always been my jam. There is something special about having a fully organized space that just makes my heart happy. You can see from all my posts (like my kitchen and laundry room) on it that it’s kinda my favorite. The problems thatContinue reading “Cleaning Schedule”

Chore Charts for Kids

Free Editable and Printable Chore Charts For Ages 4-15 I’ve tried to instill in my daughter from the very beginning the importance of helping out. One of my morals is that we should always help each other if we are capable. This is something that I want her to carry on. Chores and modeling areContinue reading “Chore Charts for Kids”