Organizing Everything In Your Closet

Organizing Your Closet

When we first moved into our house, I admit I was most excited about finally having a master closet. There was so much space! I couldn’t wait to hang up EVERYTHING and oh the shoes I could buy now ❤️ Fast forward 5 years and I’ve learned 2 things. First my closet isn’t nearly as big as I thought. Second, the more space you have means the more junk you can accumulate to fill it. It became the catch all location for anything and everything we didn’t know where to stick. On my recent break, I decide to give it a little TLC and I’m so thrilled with how all my organizing turned out.

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Less is More

All good organizing projects begin with the necessary clean out. This means going through every item and determining what you really need and love. For me, I follow the 3 question rule.

  • Do I need this? ( In other words, do you use it at least every year?)
  • Do I love this? (Meaning your life with be lacking without it and its missing would haunt you. HIGH STANDARDS FOR THIS QUESTION)
  • Is it easily replaceable? (Don’t hang on to cheap things that you could easily afford to replace should you ever get around to doing that project. They are just taking up space for now.)

Anything that doesn’t get a YES to the first to and a NO to the last goes away. Whats left gets another go over with the question, IS THIS THE BEST PLACE TO STORE IT? This is why my husbands toolbox got relocated to the garage instead of next to his boots. Only keep stuff in the space that makes sense for it to be there.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

If you have watched the Home Edit, then you know all about organizing by the rainbow. Its just aesthetically pleasing to look at. I’m proud to say that I have been organizing my clothing buy color long before it was cool #trendsetter. Putting your clothes together buy color helps you find what you are looking for faster and match outfits easier. Genius really. I keep all my nice shirts and the ones I wear most often hanging up. My t-shirts (I have A LOT) get the largest drawer in the dresser and get folded Mari Kondo style. I keep all my hangers uniform too- no mismatching. I use the black velvet ones because they grip well to delicate materials and frankly they just look pretty.

Paperclips Are Awesome

Along time ago, I saw a hack floating around about using a soda can tab to hang outfits on hangers together. Little known hack, paperclips can do the same thing! You get like 100 of them for a $1 and don’t kill your kidney to organize your closet. Win/win! I use this for my dresses. I’m a huge fan of summer dresses. You just throw one on and instantly look a little dresser and nicer than you would in shorts and a tee. Its easy peasy and girly so I love them. The way I organize them is based on the sweaters I have to pair them with. Most have little or no sleeves so if I wear it to work or if its spring then I need something to pair it with. I put the sweaters on a hanger and then group the dresses with the paperclips by what sweater they match. It saves me so much room and helps when I get ready in the morning.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I live in the great state of Texas and therefore cowboy boots are a mandatory wardrobe staple. The fact that both I and my husband have multiple pairs just goes to show how much we love Texas. I bought a metal shelving unit awhile ago and have used it for everything from a rabbit cage to garage storage. Its latest and possible forever use is to keep our boots organized under our clothes. I use half of the unit on his side and the other half for my side. It works perfectly and I’m happy to report that I haven’t tripped over a pair of boots since its instillation.

All The Other Shoes

My shoe organization is truly the best case of don’t lose it, reuse it that you will ever find. My shoe rack use to be a toy organizer for my daughter. Those baskets? You might recognize them from my first post on pantry organization before I hit up Target and re did it. I organize them by type and season, with the lightest (summer) being on top. My real genius move was the 4 cube organizers next to them.

I Have Alot Of Clothes

Originally I had just four cubes. My jeans, work pants, and exercise bottoms live in three and the last one held my scarves , bathing suits, and all other miscellaneous wear. After I cleaned out the mess that was at the top and in the floor of the closet, I realized that I needed at least four more. My off season clothes got moved into 2 small cubes instead of a clunky tote that took up way too much space. All my hubby’s hats are neatly organized into one. I tried all kinds of configurations to display them but truly he wears the same 2 ALL.THE. TIME. and just collects the others. Should he decide to surprise us all and switch, his precious is right there. For now, they make a tidy comfy home in a tote. Last but not least, is my extra set of sheets. Everything is labeled with my favorite clips that just make it look so gosh darn pretty.

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Lets take just a second to talk about jewelry organization. I have kept my jewelry all over the place- in my nightstand, in my bathroom, divided up in hanging organizer- and was really frustrated by it. I have some truly beautiful pieces that I love to wear but could never come up with the right convenient system that was easy enough for me to change out what I wore easily. Enter my newest jewelry box. This miracle keeps everything in view and easily accessible so that its no issue to find what works with each outfit everyday. Nothing gets tangled anymore and its so organized that I can find exactly what I want when I want it.I can’t praise it enough. Really. Best purchase I have made in a long time. The best part is that when I get more jewelry ( subtle hint here for the husband) I can just by another layer to put it all in!

My Happy Place

When we moved in, I dreamed of having a beautiful closet that looked like something from a magazine. I’m not at all saying that’s what it is but I do feel a sense of pride in it and it has become my happy place. Getting ready in the morning is so much easier and that starts my day off right. A good start to the morning helps the day go better. Organizing your closet isn’t guaranteed to make your life better or fix your problems but there is something about at least having your closet together that makes you feel like you might just get your life together…someday. If you are interested in any of the products I used then check out the links below. As always, HAPPY ORGANIZING!

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