Refrigerator and Freezer Organization

Refrigerator & Freezer Organization

Not long ago I wrote about how organizing my pantry changed my life. After that, I showed you the in and out of the rest of my kitchen. The only big piece left is the area that we use most and that’s the refrigerator and the freezer. To be completely honest, my refrigerator only recently got organized. Most of the time I just bought food and stuck it in there, not giving it another thought. It wasn’t until I started organizing everything else that it occurred to me that I needed to do the same for both my refrigerator and freezer.

Refrigerator Zones

I started by figuring out what I really needed from my refrigerator organization. Since I have a little girl, I really wanted to make sure she has lots of healthy snacks accessible for her. The crisper drawers got organized first but I didn’t really have room for the prepped snacks so I got a few small plastic containers to begin with. So began my love affair. They looked so nice that I realized her lunchables would be fit perfectly in one. A slim one keeps her drink pouches organized without me having to look at the ugly box.

Once I got all of her food organized, I realized that I could use the same process for mine and the hubby’s lunches. I put our grab and go lunches in a container and used a slim one to keep all the drinks he constantly sits all over in one convenient place. Speaking of drinks, the top shelf of the refrigerator is primarily for beverages. We are southern as it comes so we live and die by our sweet tea. Our pitcher was constantly running out so instead I got a glass dispenser. It’s amazing because my daughter can fill her glass without me worrying about her dumping it everywhere.

The Door

I have 3 shelf in my refrigerator door and I typically would just stick stuff on them. When I started organizing though, I recognized how many doubles I had of things simply because half the time I couldn’t find it right away so I opened a new one. There was also more out of date condiments then I feel comfortable admitting too. I decided to organized the shelf by use. Condiments and garnish is on the bottom shelf because it is the largest and that’s what I have the most of. My second self is broken into 2 sections so I have cooking and breakfast divided up. The smallest is the top shelf that holds basically all my dairy. This system helps me know exactly where to look depending on what I need.

New Containers

You might notice that I don’t keep very much in it’s original container. My logic for this is two fold. Firstly, they are ugly containers and I like the aesthetic appeal that clear matching containers offers. Secondly, clear containers allows me to see how much of something I have at a glance making it easy to add to my grocery list whenever it gets low. This is most obvious with eggs. It took awhile for me to get onboard with the plastic egg cartons but I will never go back. I honestly haven’t run out of eggs since I switched (something that used to happen all the time).

The Freezer

My freezer feels horribly small to me but my baskets make it seems just a little bit bigger. These baskets aren’t clear and that’s ok. They are a thick hardy plastic that can stand up to freezing temperatures without chipping or breaking. You can tell that we primarily store meat in the freezer so that’s how I organized my baskets. All my frozen veggies are stored in the door. There is a small bit of room next to the baskets on the bottom for miscellaneous things that might need to go there but for the most part, everything fits in a category. I love the baskets because it keeps things from falling out on me every time I open the freezer.


I don’t have any before pictures but I can tell you that my refrigerator and freezer look so much better than they once did. It’s wonderful to be able to open it up and see EVERYTHING. Doubles are rarely, if ever, opened now and making my grocery list takes very little time now. Knowing exactly where everything is and is supposed to go makes my life so much easier. My refrigerator and freezer now make my organized little heart so happy. Trust me on this one, take the hour or two and do the same to yours. It’s a small step that makes a huge difference. Happy organizing!

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