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Organizing has always been my jam. There is something special about having a fully organized space that just makes my heart happy. You can see from all my posts (like my kitchen and laundry room) on it that it’s kinda my favorite. The problems that despite all the organizing, those I love don’t always put things back where they belong. Paired with the sad fact that dust, dirt, and grime exist, I spend quite a bit of time cleaning. Granted I’m a neat freak and pride myself on keeping a tidy house.

The issue is that worrying about keeping a clean house started to impact how I was mothering and caring for myself. All my time was spent running from room to room cleaning up, so that I ended up exhausted and overwhelmed everyday. This is why I created the cleaning schedule I’m posting here. It’s a couple of things each day that keeps my house at what I call “an acceptable level”. Yes there are still fingerprints on things but overall it looks kept and I still have down time.

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Mondays suck. Its a fact of life. I find that by the time I get home from work, I’m pretty tired. The last thing I want to do is a bunch of cleaning. On Mondays, I usually can mutter the energy to switch a load of laundry ( read about how my kid helps me as part of her chores). I fold them while I relax to some television show before I start cooking dinner. Easy Peasy.


If you notice on Tuesday, I have 2 things bolded, which means my kids does those for herself in her room. I’ll give you a hack I use. I take the sheets off the bed and use the dirty pillow cases as my dust clothes. If there is something sticky or dirty on my dresser or nightstand then I use a Lysol wipe but for just dust the pillow case works fine. I throw it in the dishwasher with the other sheets. I also have vacuum on the list but we have a Roomba that handles this for the most part. If the carpet looks like it needs it and I feel up to it, I might use the big vac on it.


For the kitchen, wiping down the counters only take a minute and then I have some specialty wipes for the appliances. It literally takes less than 5 minutes. Sweeping takes about the same amount of time. If I’m being honest, I might put the sweeping off until the weekend and then play catch up. I regret this though and don’t follow my lazy example, just sweep on Wednesday and enjoy your weekend.


Oh Bathroom day. I have my daughter clean the mirrors, mainly cause she like to dance in front of it while she does it. Usually I go back over it when she is done but as she gets older I’m sure it will be less streaky. She also uses the disposable wand linked below to clean the toilet without actually having to touch it. I run the broom over the floor while she does this. I wipe the sink down after we brush our teeth and then call it done.


There is something about the last day of the work week that feels exactly like the same as the first day. I don’t feel like cleaning. This means more laundry while I veg out in front of the television. I usually even order food because I am so spent that I am not going to be cooking. Yea, I’m living the party lifestyle.

The Weekend

The only day I have anything noted on here is for Saturday, when I order groceries and do some yard work. I might do some extra chores around the house or catch up if I skipped something during the week. You’ll notice that there is nothing noted on Sunday. Its my day of rest. Sunday is for praising Jesus and spending time with my family. Its the only way I keep my sanity.

That’s it in a nut shell. If you have a bigger (messier) family than mine then you may need to add in a few extras but I urge you to try and keep your list short. Yes I love a clean house, it makes me VERY happy, but it more important that we take time with our kids. They aren’t with us long. No one ever comes to the end of their life and wishes they had kept a cleaner house, just saying.

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