The NonDiet: Week 3

Week 3 Meal Plan

Last week I told you all about how hard it was to stay on a diet when Valentine’s Day rolled around. Oh how naive I was. I only thought that was hard. This week we got walloped with a freaking snow storm. There was no leaving the house. We were trapped in small spaces together for a full week. Do you know what I wanted to do all week as stressed out house bound Momma? If you said eat and eat and eat some more then you get the prize. I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t fully stick to this Week 3 Meal Plan. It’s alright though because as we talked about in the beginning, it’s about the journey . Let me tell you about my food journey this week.

The Good

I like to start things off on a positive note so let me tell you the part that I got right. Firstly, I did really well on breakfast. Every morning I got up and cooked a hearty protein based breakfast from the meal plan. I didn’t over eat it either and stayed aware of how much was on my plate. To learn more about why this is such a big deal, check out this article from the daily positive on why breakfast is so important. I have found though that most of the time I’m still pretty full from breakfast that my lunch is more like a snack. I might do a little something but the full meals I planned don’t always happen.

The Bad

The not really eating lunches does contribute to my over eating at dinner. While I’m still making my plate in portion sizes, I tend to sample from the families while I’m cleaning up. I really need to stop that. I’ve realized so many calories are coming from just not waiting to waste. Another issue I have is who I eat with. Now I’m not blaming my health issues on others, to be clear. What I do know is that when the person you eat with isn’t a fan of the healthy meal you plan to cook and strongly suggests a comfort alternative, my will power is weak. P.S. I am including the recipe I made up for Pina Colada made from snow. It says a few ounces of rum but I kept it in proportion to the kids noise level. I probably could of shoveled the walk making these.

Not Giving Up

This week was hard, but it won’t be the last hard one. Granted it’s likely to be the last one I’m snowed in while living in Texas but still the point holds. I learned a lot about myself and my family from it. I’ve discovered some stress eating coping methods that have helped. I’m working on staying strong in the face of french fries. Healthy isn’t just about body, it’s your mind too. I’m going to say that the progress I made this week. It wasn’t on the scale but I have made adjustments and given grace. All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself. If for nothing else than just making it through this mess without eating the whole house.

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