Pantry Raid: Home Organization on a Budget

Pantry Raid: Home Organization On A Budget Target Edition

Target Edition

Awhile back I did a post on pantry organization using baskets from the Dollar Tree. Its a system that had worked well for me. After seeing the pictures though, I realized that I could do better. It still looked too cluttered to me and I wasn’t happy with the labeling. Truthfully I also ended up with extras and unused items that would hang out at the bottom of the baskets. I’d make a grocery list and if I didn’t see it on top I’d buy more. This meant multiples of things, not budget friendly at all. All these reasons lead me to redo my pantry organization and I’m excited to share with you my improvements.

The Best Baskets Ever

At the end of my last post, I showed some baskets that I used to store sodas. I LOVE these baskets. I loved them so much that I decided to redo all of my baskets in them. I know they are more expensive than my dollar tree baskets but the quality can’t be beat. FYI I reused them to organize my shoes (future post coming!) I got lucky and caught them on sale at Target so the 14 I ended up needing didn’t set me back as much as I thought.

Fate Brought Me My Big Buckets

As much as I adore the Y Weave Half Medium baskets, I had some categories that required larger storage. They didn’t have a size large enough in the same style of basket. The other large baskets were $8 plus dollars, way out of the price range. Then like destiny, I saw the Room Essential Large Storage Bin on an end cap. They were less than $4 each and the perfect size. I ended up doing 2 shelves of just these.

For the Love of Labeling

As I mentioned before, the labeling made me sad. I had multiple fonts and even some handwritten. After peeling all the old stuff, I reprinted and cut using my Silhouette. I stuck with Lucinda Handwriting font because it’s easy to find for additions. I kept my plastic clip on labels that are linked below. My large appliances stayed on the bottom of the pantry. It seems weird to some but as a short person, I prefer these be in reach and not fall on my head from up high. Believe me a box of chips hurts a lot less than an instapot.

Pantry Heaven 😍

All in all, my redo costs me around $60. I know this may seem like a lot but given how long and sturdy these baskets are, I feel it’s worth it. Plus the aesthetic gives me heart eyes. Seriously. Sometimes just looking at my organized pantry makes me feel like my life is at least a little together. I was able to reuse my previous pantry organization baskets and items so really that $60 went pretty darn far. What really matters is that it makes me happy and it’s easy for my family to use. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the upgrade and happy organizing!

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