The NonDiet: Week 2

Hello Friends,

I’ve learned a few more things this week and dealt with new battles, like my first Valentine’s Day trying to eat better, the urge to stress eat, and introduced new healthy swaps to my family. Despite these obstacles, I still managed to lose a few more pounds WITH ZERO EXERCISE so far so I’m still calling it a victory.

My ham sandwich on Naan with pretzels.

Let me start by telling you how I managed to navigate the great chocolate holiday. Yes, I’m talking Valentine’s. The day of sweets posted on every social media platform and when all the good candy gets posted at the very front of the grocery store so you are forced to look at it on your way to the lettuce. As you might guess, I’m a little bitter about that part.

To begin with, I made it perfectly clear to everyone that if they loved me then they would want me to be healthy and since I’m struggling with my sugar intake that meant do not buy me candy. I’ll take all the roses, teddy bears, and whatnots but if you buy me candy I will not eat it and will likely be pissed that you tried to eat me too. More or less, get behind me Satan. Doesn’t mean I still didn’t get some anyway but I didn’t even open the box. I turned around a gave it to the first person I saw that needed some appreciation. And you know what? I think that felt better than actually eating it.

Secondly, I know I have very weak will power. I was bound to break at some point and just straight denying myself was going to cause a break down that would leave me waking up from a sugar coma in a pile of wrappers and regret. Instead I did what I’ve been doing with all my food. I looked at the nutrition label (which be warned isn’t the easiest) and I ate 1 serving. That’s it. Typically a serving of the fun sized or individual boxes candy is 4-5 pieces so I still got a sizable amount. Here’s the important part- as soon as I took out and set aside my serving I got rid of the rest. I didn’t even take a bite until the rest was gone because I knew that the moment I started down that slippery sugar flipped ride that I would be dying for more so I had to removed the option.

I can’t say it was the best Valentine’s, it also iced severely where I live for days prior so we couldn’t escape togetherness- not that I don’t adore my family but occasionally I need space. Despite the challenges, it was relaxing and I got the chance to do some things I enjoy besides eating.

My delicious cheeseburger with a serving of waffle fries and some grapes so I didn’t keep eating fries.

As I mentioned before, I also experienced some stress that about derailed me. Food is always a comfort and my go to for time of struggle but I found other ways to cope. I will tell you all about it in a upcoming post. For now, I want to tell you about how my family is handling the changes. I don’t know if I mentioned it but I live with a five year old and a husband who eats like a five year old (love you honey) so the idea of trying new things is not one they earn too easily. I thought since we are basically eating what we always have but with healthy swaps they’d be fine. The look on the face when I pulled out corn tortillas said otherwise.

Fortunately, my daughter is a curious person and after the rational argument of telling her to try it before she decides she hates it failed me, I went with the imagination route. When I made sandwiches with the Naan bread, I made a big deal about its history and origins and the type of brave people that eat it. Made a spectacle and she ate it so she could be brave too. The salads were a themed meal, and we talked about how all of it came from a farm. Yes it’s a lot of work in the beginning but now she is a less hesitant when I put down the plate. As for the husband, y’all just pray for him. He has welcomed the salads with open arms (he wants to lose weight too) but still eyes my cooking suspiciously.

Those were the biggest struggles faced as I end Week 2 but I am feeling an increase in energy and my clothes are feeling more comfortable so I think it was worth it. Check out my Week 2 menu belong and get your copy by clicking on the picture. It’s editable so if there is something you don’t like feel free to change it. Remember to stick to 1 serving size and try substituting healthy alternatives as you can. Happy NonDieting! And thanks for sticking with me on this journey.

Click you editable version.

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