List of Amazon Valentines Gifts for Him under $30

Thoughtful Gifts For Men From Amazon Under $30

Picking out gifts for men is hard, finding something that is both thoughtful and useful feels nearly impossible. If you also happen to have a busy schedule or be on a budget then it can be really difficult. Its in these time that I turn to my trusty and true friend, Amazon. I have put together a list of fun gifts for the men in your life that are all under $30 available on Prime.

I promise that I don’t suggest any product that I do not truly believe to be helpful and worth the purchase but I do have the opportunity to make a small amount from Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program, if you use my links.

For Liquor Connoisseur

A personalized whiskey glass with his initial and a special saying will make sure he is thinking of you every time he is sipping on his favorite drink.

Get it here for $26.99.

A luxurious drink set that comes in a nice handmade wood box with 2 etched glasses and 8 granite whiskey rock set to keep his drinks cool without watering down his fine liquor.

Get it here for $27.99

For The One Who Loves Technology

A custom phone case (they have a bunch of different types and most are under $20) so you can put a family picture or even something related to an inside joke that the two of you share.

Get it here for $15.95

This might be as much a gift for him as it is for you. Give him a special place to charge all his gadgets on his night stand that lets him keep his wallet, watch, glasses, keys, and whatever else guys carry in their pockets in one place. For added AWW factor, get a pack of lovey stick notes so he can have a something sweet from you every morning.

Get the charging station here for $24.99

Get the sticky love notes here for $8.99

For the Outdoors Man

This cool all in one knife that has a flashlight, fire starter, bottle opener, seat belt cutter, glass breaker, and the knife is super sharp too. No matter the situation this trusty knife will have his back the same way you do. There are several cute engravings to chose from so you can go funny to sentimental or like the picture, both.

Get it here for $21.95

I’m not sure if this gift will be 100% useful these days but it is 100% cute. Its a nice looking old world compass from one of the top makers that lets you include your own unique engraving so your message will be there to help him find his way back to you.

Get it here for $29.95.

For the Coffee Lover

Men always have favorite something like the cup that sits next to the coffee maker forever. Give it a special companion spoon to stir with that will remind him how much you love him every morning.

Get it here for $14.99

This star coffee canister can hold either beans or ground coffe but will keep them fresher for longer ( up to 5 years!) with a special valve that releases CO2. To add some sentimentality to it, add to cart some vinyl stickers and put a Good Morning Handsome or other special quote to give him something to smile about besides his coffee.

Get the canister here for $21.59.

Get the stickers here for $6.50.

For the Proud Husband/Boyfriend

An engraved leather wallet that lets him see a special message from you every time he opens it. Make it funny or keep it sweet, either way you will be on his mind when he reaches for his credit card or cash.

Get it here for $23.89.

This gift is not only practical but good looking. Its got a nice leather band and wooden watch face for all the manly vibes but holds a sweet message to your man on the back. Perfect balance of functional and sentimental.

Get it here for $26.99.

For the Music Lover

This music box is a lot like your guy. The outside is a simple but gorgeous walnut wood box with only your personalized inscription hinting of the romance that lays within. Inside you can pick from a variety of popular love songs for the music box to play when he opens it and you can put your favorite picture of the two of you inside the lid.

Get it here for $24.99.

If you and your guy have a special song then this might just be the perfect gift for you. Its a personalized large matte print with your song title and lyrics printed behind your names and a special date to you, be it your first date or marriage anniversary. You can choose to have it arrived frame or use your own.

Get it here for $28.

For the Gamer

Show your support of his hobby and cement your love by wear the ultimate couple status symbol: the matching shirt. These cute shirts are perfect for a game in with your man or is just a reason to be adorable together.

Get it here for $18-$32 for BOTH shirts.

This gift is a 2-fer. Your gamer guy gets a cool tumbler to keep his beverage chill or warm while he games it up. He also gets a pair of funny and comfy socks to keep his feet toasty while he goes on a winning streak.

Get the set here for $21.99.

For the Foodie

These special cookies taste gourmet and tell your foodie guy just how much you adore him. They are soft and sweet just like your man and have a five star rating on Amazon.

Get your order here for $18.95.

If your guy loves to grill then this gift will let him know just has much you appreciate all that cooking. Its a custom wooden cutting board that is made top notch bamboo and comes in three different sizes so he can cut anything from veggies to brisket.

Get it here for $17.95.

For the Nerdy Guy

This framed map of the stars displays what the heavens looked like on an important date in your life- make it the date you met, you first kiss, or when you got married. You can personalize it more by picking your own sweet saying to display above the coordinates and makes a wonderful thoughtful keepsake for your guy.

Get it here for $28.

Do you love your guy to the moon and back? Let him know that by giving him the moon. This cool lamp sets on a modern base and is remote controlled so he can change the colors with the touch of a button. Every time he looks at it he will be reminded of just how much you love him.

Get it here for $21.99.

Hopefully you found something here for the guy in your life that expresses just how much you love him. For bonus points, spend some time together doing one of my pandemic dates ideas. They are also family friendly so kids can join in too! Showing your love doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. What matters is that you care for each other and have fun!

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