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I have spent way more time then I’m proud of organizing and re-organizing my pantry. I have struggled to find a system that works for my family, everything I set up seems to never hold up, and I honestly change my mind about it every time a new pretty pantry pops up on my Pinterest feed. It was after I binged The Home Edit on Netflix that I decided on the labeled basket system but it broke my heart to see that their clear containers were way beyond my budget. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay for all the cute clear containers that I would need and still have money left over to fill said containers so I went to my trusty money saving stores/websites to find some affordable alternatives. Here is what I came up with.

I started by taking everything out of my pantry and sorting through all the out of date items then grouping like items together. This is how I came up with my categories and knew how many baskets I would need to buy. I knew I wanted to put my stock supplies in refillable containers so I also took note of how many and how large these would need to be.

To maximize space, I bought this door storage system from Amazon. To be completely honest, I’m not thrilled with this one because it moves around BUT we are in a rental so it works well enough. I’ll like move to one more that screws in for more support like this one once we buy a house. The large storage jars with the white lids are from Walmart and the smaller blue tops are from the Dollar Tree. I used my silhouette to make labels.

I ended up spending around $25 on just at the Dollar Tree and went with these brown baskets one because they resembled real baskets the closest and was what was available in the amount I needed. I bought the clip on plastic labels from Amazon for and love them be at you get a huge 50 pack for $10 and you can change your categories and reuse the easily.

I’m a big Coke Zero fan, it’s my one flaw, so I always have lots on hand. The cardboard box they come in isn’t the most appealing and more than once I got down to my last soda and had to run out to grab more. The cost of the specialty soda can organizers was more than I wanted to spend but these long baskets were only $4 a piece at Target and hold a full 12 pack. My white chip basket on the top was also from Target and was around $7. I love the Target baskets because of how strong they are and it maybe my next step up to convert all my baskets over one day.

All on my kitchen appliances are stored in the bottom of my small pantry. I got the small tiered cart at Burke’s on clearance and I removed the wheels to make it fit. I’ll link a similar one here from Amazon. As you can see the racks are the perfect size to hold wine and other small appliances that you don’t use everyday but allows you to keep them within reach for easy access. My Instapot (AKA my mistress cause I love her so much) and crock pot hang out down there too.

I know this isn’t the most Instagram worth pantry but I still love how beautifully organized it is and how everything has a place. My husband and daughter are able to find and get what they need without my assistance which as most moms know is a huge struggle. This system is convenient and it works for my family but I encourage you to find what works for yours. It’s ok if it changes too, while this works for now I know that it may need to change in the future and that ok. Organization only works if it works for you and is livable so that may mean changing this up from time to time.

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