When Mom Gets Sick

Survival Tips When Mom Gets Sick

Survival Tips For Mom’s Sanity

I really intended to write a post on kitchen organizing but I got a horrible migraine that confined me to the shadows for the day. By no means am I frequent sufferer, but when I do get them they are BAD. This one felt like someone had used my head as a gun and I randomly kept checking my left ear to see if it had blown off. Lovely stuff, really. Needless to say what I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and not move until the pain was gone BUT I have kid. So I switched into survival mode and pulled out my how to survive when mom gets sick plan.

The Kid

You might glean from the majority of my posts that, depending on the day, my daughter is somewhere between Gods gift to humanity and an evil dictator. On the day that Mommy developed her debilitating headache, she decided to be a rock star so you can gather which end of the spectrum she chose. At one point she asked for confirmation that her outfit was shiny enough for her concert, which I agreed, but informed her that she could only have it in her room for her stuffed animal fans. Her retort? “Don’t worry Mommy! I’ll make sure it’s loud enough for you to hear!” Jesus take the wheel! Her salad I fixed for lunch was also “too green” and the removal of her tablet prompted screaming. Yea. It was rough.

The Husband

Now I know many are going to say, Where was your husband? Why couldn’t he handle all this? Those people are clearly not married, because those of us who are, are laughing hysterically. Daddy’s are a great and wonderful thing to be sure but they are no Mommy’s. The hubs did convince the child to give Mommy an hour of peace (Tablet was returned in exchange) and I did go to bed early. He even took a stab at making dinner with minimal direction, for which I am thankful. All of this being said, I would like to provide you with a go to list to help you survive motherhood when you are questioning if you will even survive the day.

Let go of all expectations and judgements.

You are not winning any awards today and that is fine. Don’t beat yourself up for not trying, it’s a waste of precious energy.

There are no rules.

To quote a Daniel Tiger episode, “When your sick, rest is best.” Do what you need to do (within reason, so set down the duct tape) to get the rest you need. Do your kids have time limit on TV and tablets? Not today they don’t (See husbands negotiating with our tiny terrorist above). If it keeps them entertained and let’s you rest then by all means, Nick Jr it up!

Embrace the mess.

This is two fold advice. Firstly, leave the laundry and the dishes. Just leave it. It was still be there when you are feeling better. If anyone should dare say something, politely encourage them to do it or explain that you are growing your own antibiotics, whatever works. Secondly, look like hot mess. I had on a extra large fuzzy Harry Potter hoodie all day. I look like an extra from the Walking Dead but my nails look fantastic so I call it a win.


I applaud the mommy’s who eat all organic and have a fridge full of gorgeous healthy food. I attempt to feed my spawn and mate nutritional sound options most of the time but sick days are not for that. Embrace the packaged food and call the delivery guy. This is not the time for a pedestal (see there are no rules). As long as they have ate food then you have succeeded.

It’s ok to stink

I’m going to be real with you. I didn’t have it in me to shower today. The kid is lucky she got hosed off. Did we do our usual brushing our teeth song and dance? That’s a negatory. If my 1 night of calling in early causes irreparable damage to her, that’s just a burden I’ll have to live with. I think, though, it might possibly be worth it to teach her to take care of yourself so I’ll risk it.

Call in reinforcements.

As I mentioned, my hubs had to forbid the kid from bothering me for an hour. The term “Can I go in there?” was heard through the door multiple times but I still got some time. If it had continued to be completely unbearable, I had her grandparents on standby. No joke. It’s alright to send the kid off for a sleepover so you can make yourself a priority. It doesn’t make you an awful mom, it means you are human.

Sick Momma, You Do You

I dare anyone to argue with me when I say that motherhood is the hardest job on the planet. It’s literally 50 different jobs all rolled into one and some of those jobs you just can’t take a day off from. What I do encourage you to do is move MANAGER up the list and delegate as much as possible. Friend is now transport, Pizza Hut is the chef, the maid is on strike, and the nurse only respond to life and death. Take care of you and let it slide just for a day. You can’t carry the world on your shoulders when you don’t have the strength to get out of bed. Give yourself grace. There are little eyes watching you, learning how to love themselves. If that’s not enough incentive to take a break, then I don’t know what is.

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