How To Get IEP Data Virtually

When everything shut down in March of last year, I don’t think I was the only teacher who FREAKED OUT about how to get IEP data virtually. There were so many goals that I had no idea how I would be able to work on through an online platform. I wish I could tell you that I had all the answers by May but no such luck. Good news is that I eventually did figure it out. I’m happy to share with you my technique for how to get IEP data virtually.

My Google Sites Ideas For Getting IEP Data Virtually

It took a summer of making BOOM cards, google forms, and evaluating goals to come up with a plan. This is when I realized the other huge issue I was facing was the delivery. I had all of the necessities to take data but needed it to be easily accessible for parents and my team. After I completed my google certification, I got the idea to create google sites for all of my kids.

QR Codes for Easier Log In

Logging in was a issue and I wanted an quick option that would allow a way to access the sites without going through emails. This is where the QR codes came in. With every site being on maximum restrictions for FERPA, the QR code could not be accidentally accessed without permission. I put each of the kids QR codes with their BOOM cards login information on card stock, laminated, and used a binder ring to keep them together. This made is easy to quickly find the students code, scan it, and start working with them.

The code went onto a google instructions sheet that I sent home to parents with the log on information in easy steps. I’m sharing that with you at the bottom of this post. The instructions are editable and has screen grabs to help your parents know they are in the right spot. Due to their needs, my online students only complete goals virtually.

Assignments are made every week and mailed home so that my classroom is designed to be used by the parents. My other post about teaching virtually is linked here if your are interested in how that works. The goal of all of this is to make it has easy as possible for parents. Parents are under so much stress right now, the constant worry about their child’s health and safety. My focus is on how I can help them while making sure my students get a fulfilling education. There are so many educators in the same boat and I sincerely hope this has provided you some benefit.

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