How to Know You’re a Good Mom

What Makes You A Good Mom, How To Know You're A Good Mom

You don’t have to spend much time on any given social media platform before you run into the hideous phenomenon know as mom shaming. It seems that everyone and their cousin has something to say about how a woman should parent their child and whether it’s a passive aggressive remark or a fully aggressive post on the internet, the constant judgement is enough to break any mom down. There really seems to be only one solution to this barrage of awfulness; we have to protect one another and be thoughtful in building each other up. So in case there is any moms out there who are feeling like they are failing, they just aren’t enough for their child, or maybe they are overwhelmed by motherhood (cause it happens literally everyday) I want to give you the definitive list to know you’re a good mom.

  • You gave birth to your child
  • You adopted your child
  • You are fostering your child
  • You are breastfeeding your child
  • You are formula feeding your child
  • You are feeding your child
  • You buy special outfits for your child
  • You reuse clothes for your child
  • You put clean clothes on your child
  • You are a stay at home mom
  • You are a working mom
  • You are a student mom
  • You are some combination of the above mom
  • You are a married mom
  • You are a single mom
  • You are a aunt/sister/grandma mom
  • You homeschool your child
  • You send your kid to school
  • Your kid attends private school
  • Your kid adores you
  • Your kid likes you most of the time
  • Your kid doesn’t know what they like
  • You’re kid will learn to appreciate you
  • You let your play on the iPad
  • You prefer to keep your child away from technology
  • You’re a mixture of both and sometimes the TV babysits so you can shower in peace
  • You love being with your kid all the time
  • You sometimes miss the life before you had a kid
  • You co-sleep with your child
  • You sleep trained your child
  • You’re house is Home Edit worthy
  • You’re house looks like a fall out shelter
  • You are have schedules, lists, and routines
  • You go with the flow and live in the moment

I think that about covers it. In conclusion, as long as you aren’t abusing your child, allowing your child to be abused, are keeping them fed, clothed, showing them affection and care about their well-being then CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE A GOOD MOM! I hope you know that there is a whole community for moms barely hanging in there with you that love and support you. I, for one, am happy to be on this journey with you so hang in there Momma. We got this!

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