Done With Dieting

Losing Weight Without Dieting

I have more or less tried every diet that has been created in my short 31 years on earth. I’ve done the cleanses, the prepackaged meal plans, the extreme no-carbs-if-you-want-to-live diets and the truth is that they have worked…for a hot minute. The same thing always happens, as soon as I throw out my fat pants, some terrible stressful thing happens. Much like the children’s book, if you give me a cookie, then I’m going to want a burger to go with it. In the end, I’ve spent the best part of my life yo-yoing through about 50 pounds of smush rolls. That is all going to change though. I’m determined to be done with dieting and this overweight girl is going lose the weight without a diet.

My New Plan

See about 5 years ago I went and had a baby. That’s when $h!t got real. Breastfeeding helped with the weight loss, then weaning murdered it. I had a hysterectomy ( that’s a hella story that deserves its own post) and I lost more weight but then the terrible two’s and three’s happened, so I stress ate junk food instead of my young. Now here we are, I’ve got a 5 year old who thinks I’m a role model and whole lot of unhealthy habits. Something has got to give and I’m resolved to make a change that I can live with. I’m taking all the best parts of the diets I’ve been on and combining them to make a long term lifestyle change that I can sustain. Instead of writing you the pages of thinking that went into this, I’ll just bullet point it for you.

  • Fruits are a free for all. Yes, I know its sugar BUT I don’t care. Its mush better than the candy bar I really want.
  • Non Starch Veggies with every lunch and dinner
  • For everything else, I’m keeping to portions. I’m following the guide at
  • No eating in front of the television (this is the hardest one!)
  • No eating between the hours of 8PM and 6AM
  • Movement every day. I’m by no means becoming a gym rat but I am giving up the couch potato lifestyle (mostly).

Keeping Track of My Weight Loss

That’s all folks! I know, its groundbreaking stuff. It’s a start and I’m excited to see where it leads. I know it will take time, this isn’t a lose it all this week plan, but it is hopefully a long term solution. With that being said, I’m not setting an end date. The idea is to avoid any added stress when that circle in my calendar approaches and my goal weight isn’t. I still have goals though and I made this awesome coloring sheet to help me track my progress. I’m sharing it with you so if you happen to be on the same journey it might help you too. You put your small rewards in the picture frames, the pedicures, hair cuts, etc. that you earn after those 5-10 pounds drop, but you save the big kahuna for the heart. Whats the holy grail of weight loss for you? Mine is going to be a gorgeous bikini beach picture #VAVAVOOM #SexyTigerStripes I’m optimist that this is going to work. Happy NonDieting My Friends! I’ll check in and let you know how it goes.

Meal Plans

To help you get started you might want to check out Week 1 Meal Plan and some insights I’ve found since I started this journey.

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